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Hypnosis for Pain Control

The efficacy of hypnosis treatment for pain control is well documented. Hypnosis studies out of Stanford and Harvard Universities alone validate the extraordinary effectiveness of hypnosis as a treatment option for many forms of pain, whether the issue is psychosomatic or a real physical injury. No matter what, when any one of us is challenged with injury or illness there is a component of the problem that can be attributed to “suffering”. We can easily fall victim to negative thoughts, a sense of injustice, or a straight out sense of victimisation.

It is crucial that if you have pain that you have had all of the appropriate medical tests, and that you know what it is, and what it isn’t. We would expect that you have had ALL of the appropriate test – x-rays, MRIs, scans and the like before pursuing hypnosis as a treatment for pain. Hypnosis is a powerful tool and minimising pain that should be attended to is a poor treatment option for everyone. If it is simply something you now have to live with and medical treatments have been exhausted, then yes, we may be able to help. Needless to say, results can vary significantly depending on the type of injuries, and your responsiveness to hypnotherapy.

Prediction: 3 – 6 sessions

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