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Sports Performance Hypnosis

Some of the best athletes recognise the power of hypnotherapy when it comes to sports performance. Sport is not just a physical endeavour, it is a mental challenge as well. Certain mindsets are instrumental in a good sports performance, and no amount of fitness or technique will overcome or compensate for an unsupportive mindset. Hypnotherapy is one of the quickest and most effective ways to pull yourself into a winning or champion mindset. If you want to train harder, or to be able to focus your attention more thoroughly, or overcome self-doubt or confidence issues, then clinical hypnotherapy is an effective and obvious answer.

We have worked with many world champions and Olympians over the years. At that level there is very little that separates the top 6 or 10 competitors physically, it comes down to how they handle the pressure on the day. Most of us know so little about how our mind works, we simply have not unlocked the potential that is available to us that can enhance our performance, and take us to the next level.

Prediction: 3 – 6 sessions

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