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Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

If you have a fear of flying then hypnotherapy can be a simple an effective answer. It is actually one of the most common phobias that we would deal with as hypnotherapists. It has become even more prevalent given the spate of aeroplane crashes or disappearances we have had recently. Everyone has a different trigger for these responses. Some people start even as they consider buying the ticket. Some people start to become uncomfortable when they’re on the way to the airport. And some people really struggle when the doors close and they know they can’t get out.
For some people the fear of flying is actually more a case of claustrophobia. “I don’t like being locked in to a small container with so many people.” If this is the case then you probably also have problems in elevators, buses and trains. This is often mistaken for a fear of flying. For others their imagination runs wild with catastrophe, of perishing in a fiery ball. For others it is more concern about turbulence, or that their own nervous reaction would be obvious to others, and that they would embarrass themselves somehow.
No matter what you are doing we’ve seen it before and can deal with it.
Prediction: 1 – 4 sessions

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