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Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

In our experience, if you are struggling with a gambling issue, one thing we already know is that the odds are it won’t end well unless you do something about it. If your gambling is out of control, we can give you back control relatively quickly if you commit to the process. We do not see this as a character flaw, or a disease. What we would say is that this is not about you being weak or pathetic. What it is, is a very good example of people getting caught up in overwhelming feelings they don’t seem to have the skill set to ignore or circumvent.

You are just caught up in a looping cognitive pattern that has, for whatever reason, gotten stuck.We recognise that you often feel out of control. We know you keep renegotiating with yourself to opt in to the behaviour, and opt out of abstinence. We know you keep ignoring consequence, preferring instead to focus on the excitement and the possible win, despite the history. We know that you lean towards an all or nothing approach, and a compulsiveness that encourages an immediate need for gratification. We know that once you get those feelings, you struggle to tolerate the discomfort that it brings.

And here is the news. Most talk therapy will have relatively little impact on this issue unless it is very mild. This is largely an unconscious process, and requires an unconscious process (hypnosis) to tackle it. In hypnosis you are much more likely to accept suggestions to change behaviour or recognise consequence.

Prediction: 1- 4 sessions

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