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Hypnosis for Goal Setting

If you have been having trouble setting goals or becoming proactive in your life, then our form of hypnotherapy can help. Many people struggle to clarify what they really want in their lives. Many people can tell you much more about what they don’t want, than what they actually do want. This is because most people who have trouble setting goals have an avoidant coping style – they’d rather avoid problems than deal with them! And typically they are also more conflict adverse than most. If you are having trouble even setting a direction, not just goal-setting, then you are not that uncommon, but it is important to do something about it or risk floating around aimlessly for the rest of your life.

Through hypnosis we can explore future options and determine the critical pathway that you will take to get you there. We can also establish whether you have a “well formed condition” around your goals, (NLP technique) so that they are congruent and you don’t waste your time pursuing goals that are not really right for you.

No matter what it is, and how complex the underpinning issue is, we are here to you.

Prediction: 1 – 3 sessions

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