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Social Phobia Treatment

Hypnotherapy is a long established treatment option for social phobias. There are seven types of anxiety. Social phobia is actually the most common form of anxiety. Very much like presentation and performance anxieties, social phobias can be addressed very readily with hypnotherapy because it is a largely non-conscious process that defies logic. If you are suffering from social phobia you would be well acquainted with the symptoms. The irrational fear that everyone is looking at you and judging you. Concerns about your own communication skills and potentially your own lack of value.

In order to treat social phobia with hypnotherapy we will need to deal with both the specific phobia and the larger anxiety considerations at the same time. A phobia cannot exist in an otherwise well-balanced individual. If you have been suffering from a social phobia then you are likely to have relatively high levels of anxiety. You are likely to struggle with uncertainties, and probably tend to take things very personally, even when they are not personal. You will also probably be guilty of overanalysing things, sometimes spinning things round over and over again in your head until you effectively negate any chance of you stepping out of your comfort zone.

Prediction:1 – 4 sessions

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