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Hypnotherapy for Teenage Issues

If you have a teenager who is struggling then our form of hypnotherapy may assist. The teenage years are a period of transition towards individuation that can sometimes be quite complicated. The increasing invasiveness of technology and the fact that most parents do not understand social media means that there is a growing divide between parents and teenagers. Cyber bullying is a real issue, and the anonymity afforded by the internet can mean that criticism is sometimes vitriolic and even hateful. It might seem easy to suggest that your teenager stay off social media to avoid being bullied, but this is where they spend their lives and there are real consequences of not being online.

Many teenage issues are better offer addressed by a third party than by the parents. Hypnotherapy can help a teenager learn to make a distinction between the thoughts and feelings that are useful an effective, and the thoughts and feelings that they should probably ignore. It is the fact that they do not have this mechanism that they are so vulnerable to self-criticism, self-loathing, and even self harming.

Teenagers often need us to take a bit more time. There is always a trust issue here, and teenagers are notoriously inarticulate about what’s going on for them. They need to see us as an ally first, not just another professional trying to “change” them.

Prediction: 3 – 6 sessions

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