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Hypnotherapy for Stress

Workplace stress is increasingly common with people being expected to do much more with much less resource. In some cases the workload is simply not sustainable. For others the main form of workplace stress is in the politics. Some workplaces have a very healthy environment, but others can be considered to be toxic. If any of these factors affect you personally then you are probably not just feeling stressed, but trapped and without choices.

There are two forms of control. First order control is when you get to change the environment. This might mean that you can transfer yourself out of the department, or remove the manager or other offending individual, or you have the capacity to simply quit. Second order control is where you do not have control of the environment, and are left with no option but to control how you respond to the environment.

Hypnotherapy is particularly useful in dealing with workplace stress when it comes to second order control. We can help you disconnect from the drama and take control of your own reactions. The truth is that nobody controls your thoughts and feelings except you. When you say that you are stressed out by somebody else, you are giving them power they don’t actually have. It is vital that you take back the control of your own thoughts and feelings. Our form of hypnotherapy provides a wonderful and effective treatment option for workplace stress.

Prediction: 1 – 4 sessions

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