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“My sessions with Amy were very helpful and gentle yet fast tracked the progress I was looking for to move through the issues at hand. Amy’s style is warm, genuine, constructive and results oriented. She is interested in moving forward not back tracking through years of history. The post session exercises were simple and very effective to change old patterns. I have no hesitation in recommending Amy for her services. I will definitely check in with her as and when I need to.”

Confidential Client, 39 years , Carlton VIC Australia

“…The entire field of complementary medicine in this country would change if this effective healing art was discovered by the therapeutic community.”

Wendy Watson, Director, Reiki Australia Complementary and Alternative Health Industry Reference Group

I just want to say a massive thank you for turning my life around over the course of our 7 sessions together. That might sound dramatic but you really did! When I first met you I was honestly quite desperate and at a complete loss and was on the verge of giving up. You taught me so much, gave me the best set of tools I could have wished for but also the best ways to use them, gave me hope and encouragement and (I hope this isn’t blowing my own trumpet too much)…you made me a master of my own life and my own happiness. Its impossible for me to put into words exactly how you changed me but all I know is I will be eternally grateful. You are a true professional but with a kind and compassionate heart that shines through all else. Thank you so very much.

Emma W, 38 years, Sydney NSW Australia

I still can’t quite believe it but after suffering from insomnia for as long as I can remember I slept for 8 hours straight after my second session with Amy. After 6 sessions and a lot of new found awareness I now understand how to support myself when feeling stressed and no longer stumble through my life in a fog of exhaustion and distress. I now look forward to going to bed for a full night’s sleep when before I dreaded it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jodi, 35 years, St Kilda VIC Australia

“I booked to see Leona because I couldn’t stop grinding my teeth while sleeping. I then developed TMJ with severe facial pain. I saw Leona for three sessions of hypnotherapy. The sessions were extremely relaxing and after each session I gradually noticed a reduction in my grinding at night and overall better sleep. I would highly recommend Leona as a therapist and am now a firm believer in the power of hypnotherapy!!!”

Susan, Teeth Grinding & TMJ Pain, St Ives

“Today, I am a changed person. I no longer feel as stressed or anxious as I was; I recognize what matters to me and that my own needs are important without feeling guilty.”

Cindy, Stress and Anxiety, Central Coast

“For years I struggled with a persistent pattern of binge eating. Together we unpacked how I was running my pattern and the emotional drivers behind it. With the counselling and hypnotherapy combined I have now stopped bingeing.”

Joanne, Binge Eating, Maroubra

“I went to see Leona as I was suffering from short-term insomnia. Leona is a true healer and provided immense and ongoing support to me. Within just two sessions I was feeling so relaxed and with the help of her recordings, I have been able to sleep again. Thank you so much Leona!”

Lizzie, Insomnia, Bondi

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