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Solution-Oriented Hypnotherapy

Sydney Hypnotherapists is a team of Highly skilled and qualified hypnotherapists. Our hypnotherapists are trained in a modern form of strategic hypnosis that is supported empirically and is considered by many to be a quantum leap beyond most hypnotherapy practised in Australia. We’re able to deal with a broader range of issues and people and reliable, lasting results. Each practitioner has a variety of training backgrounds, models and skills including psychologists, medical practitioners and counsellors. Our therapists were taught by either Michael Yapko (USA based), Bill O’Hanlon(also USA based), or Gordon Young(Australian based) and hold recognised qualifications and are members of Australian Hypnotherapists Association.


Each practitioner has a range of training backgrounds, models and skills. Some are psychologists, some are medical practitioners, some have counselling or even business backgrounds. What binds them all is that they are all trained in the most advanced form of hypnosis available in Australia today.

Our practitioners have been taught by either Michael Yapko (USA based), Bill O’Hanlon (also USA based),
or Gordon Young (Australian based).

Gordon Young

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic
Psychotherapist and Director of the
Australian Institute of Clinical

Giles Yates

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Registered